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Stupid Case File for January 22, 2005

Drug Dealer Leaves Loot at Shopping Mall

WINNIPEG, Manitoba
A crack cocaine dealer who forgot a backpack containing C$91,000 ($74,000) in a Winnipeg mall was arrested after he tried to reclaim the bag at the mall's lost-and-found desk.
The dealer, Shu Tshung Wong, 32, received a five-year prison sentence this week, the Winnipeg Sun reported on Wednesday. The newspaper quoted the judge in the case as saying the penalty was at the "low end of the scale," but noted Wong, who agreed to the sentence, did not have a previous criminal record.
After police arrested Wong, they found a key to a storage locker that contained cocaine, cash and equipment commonly used to cook cocaine into the crack form, the newspaper said.
"Regret doesn't come close to describing my feelings," Wong said in court. "My family has been devastated and that is something that is my fault."


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