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Stupid Case File for October 17, 2005

Cops Bust Worst Counterfeiters Ever

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There's funny money, and there's extremely funny money.

Police in Twin Falls, Idaho, have almost $1 billion in fake money locked up in their evidence room — but it's not taking up that much space because the face value of every bill is $1 million, according to The Times-News.

Baffled and bemused cops seized 999 bills — one short of $1 billion — after a man from Buhl attempted to deposit them at a bank as collateral for a loan.

"It would have been remarkable if anyone would have accepted them as legitimate," interim Police Chief Jim Munn told The Times-News. "This is just absolutely comical."

Detective Sgt. David Heidemann said the counterfeit cash, printed to resemble the "horse blanket" silver certificate notes issued in 1923, was made in the United Kingdom, Canada or Nigeria.

Heidemann told The Times-News that the slightly washed-out phony bills were "actually better quality than we normally see on counterfeit notes."


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