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Stupid Case File for December 9, 2005

Naked Man Charged

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A Wisconsin man was caught displaying more than his holiday cheer, police said. Boyd Glenn Webb, 35, was naked when officers found him Dec. 2 at a home near a rest stop on Interstate 35 north of Ankeny, a police spokesman said.

Police said maintenance workers at the rest stop reported seeing a man walking west of the rest stop and through a ravine, taking off his clothes as he walked. The temperature at the time was about 18 degrees, officials with the National Weather Service said.

The man was completely naked by the time he reached the other side of the ravine, police said.

The man continued to walk to a residential area. When officers arrived, they saw tracks made by bare feet leading to the back of a house, Ankeny police Capt. Arnie Porath said.

A patio door had been forced open and the man was found inside, Porath said.

No one was home, he said.

Webb was charged with third-degree burglary.

Porath said it's believed Webb's car broke down near Ames and he walked or hitchhiked nearly 20 miles to the rest area.


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