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Stupid Case File for April 21, 2006

Elaborate Explanations ... on Why I Want to Kill My Lawyer

Thanks toAppellate Decisions for the story.

U.S. v. Teague 04-2071 (10th Cir., Apr. 21, 2006)

Divorce proceedings are usually an ugly process for everyone involved, including the lawyers. This criminal appeal tells a scary story of a divorce client who went off the deep end and began threatening his former lawyer, James Locatelli. After a series of increasingly angry emails in which the ex-client, Anthony Teague, demanded that Locatelli refund his fees, the attorney reported the threats to the FBI. An FBI agent contacted Teague to suggest that he tone down his emails; the next day, Teague sent Locatelli a one-sentence email entitled "Sunshine and Rainbows," that read, "You and your family are going to die, Jim." At his subsequent criminal trial, Teague had an elaborate explanation for every threatening email. For example, the final threat was simply a "biological truth." Needless to say, Teague was convicted and the Tenth Circuit


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