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Stupid Case File for May 14, 2006

Too Drunk ... To Escape?

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

No one’s ever going to accuse this guy of being a smooth criminal.

Paul Stein, an Indiana inmate, was taken to the Montgomery County jail on a public intoxication charge, the Associated Press reports.

But instead of just sobering up in his cell with the rest of the sots, Stein concocted a devious plan for a drunken getaway.

He managed to open up a hatch in his holding cell and apparently planned to shimmy his way through the ceiling to freedom.

As fate would have it, the hapless Stein was a few brewskis too heavy for the unsteady ceiling panel, and he came crashing down to the floor — landing just feet from the jailers in the lobby of the lockup.

"His feet came through first," said Montgomery County Sheriff Dennis Rice.

Stein faces an additional preliminary charge of escape for his antics.


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