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Stupid Case File for July 1, 2006

Bank Manager Robs Own Bank ... Really!

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

New Zealand police said on Friday they had arrested a bank manager who had tried to rob his own bank with a gang of thieves that included his lover.

A gang of three armed bandits charged into a bank in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, Tuesday dressed in balaclavas and overalls.

They held staff at gunpoint and tried to make off with NZ$65,000 ($40,000) but two of the robbers were arrested at the scene after passers-by reported the robbery to police.

The third bandit escaped but police said questioning of the robbers in custody soon revealed that their accomplice was in fact the bank manager's girlfriend.

The New Zealand Herald reported Friday that the pair were later arrested at the bank manager's home.

"There was never any doubt that it was an inside job," New Zealand police spokesman Jon Neilson said.

All four have appeared in court on robbery charges.


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