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Stupid Case File for December 9, 2006

Smokin' the crack while running away from the cop car ...

Courtey of

A man who paused to smoke crack cocaine while being chased on foot was arrested early Sunday on car theft and credit card charges.

Perry Quinton, 45, of Sedgewick Avenue, Stratford, was charged with second-degree larceny, first-degree criminal trover, attempted illegal use of a credit card and two counts of credit card theft.

Quinton abandoned a stolen car he had been driving near the P.T. Barnum public housing complex in Bridgeport, according to police.

Police said he scaled a fence near Captain's Cove Seaport and smoked crack cocaine before he ran through the seaport and stood on a boat.

He smoked more crack before officers pulled him down from the boat by his coat and arrested him, police said.

After Quinton was in custody, police said a man claimed Quinton had tried to buy gasoline for him at several gas stations with credit cards that did not work. Quinton still had the cards, police said.

The car had been stolen in Hartford, and the credit cards belonged to its owner, police added.

Quinton was held in lieu of $25,000 bond.


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