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Stupid Case File for July 30, 2007

Not Funny: The 'Family Secrets' Trial

This is not funny by any means. But it is intriguing. Very intriguing. We can't keep our eyes off of it. It's the so-called 'Family Secrets' mob trial taking place in Federal court in Chicago.

What's amazing is that all that "stuff" we saw in TV and movies turns out to be real. Murders. Street Taxes. Bribes. Police Protection. Hollywood didn't imagine anything up or need to dramatize any events. Amazing. Sad. Wicked. There are a lot of ways to describe the activities the federal prosecutors are alleging. So far, we haven't witnessed a lot of mistakes by the prosecution or much of anything that doesn't point to a conviction.

We're addicted to what's happening. We think you might like to catch up on what's going on, too.

Here are some links to stay in the loop:

Chicago Sun Times Trial Blog

Chicago Sun Times Trial Main Page

The Chicago Syndicate

US Department of Justice Operation Family Secrets


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