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Stupid Case File for October 18, 2007

Be Careful Which Hospital You Go To After Committing ....

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A pizza-delivery man who sought treatment in an emergency room after being injured in a holdup attempt recognized one of his attackers when the suspect sought medical attention at the same hospital.

The victim, 28, was trying to deliver a pizza Tuesday when a man pointed a gun at him, Milwaukee police said. The Pizza Hut employee grabbed for the gun and attempted to wrest it from the first suspect when a second suspect hit the victim in the face.

The delivery man managed to pistol-whip the first suspect with the gun, hitting the suspect in the head several times, authorities said.

The victim fled and later sought medical help for injuries that included bruises and bite marks. At the hospital he recognized the suspect, who had sought treatment for injuries he suffered from the pistol-whipping, police said.

Police have asked the district attorney's office to file charges against the suspect. Officers were still looking for the second suspect.


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