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Stupid Case File for June 20, 2005

Subject of Story Quoted on Blog Responds

Previously posted on 01/30/05, an article from phillyburbs.com, mentioned an incident. The article stated:

A celebrity writer can't get Martha Jane Shelton out of his life. A Doylestown filmmaker hopes he has.
She pleaded guilty to charges of stalking, harassment and identity left related to her seven-month harassment campaign against Brunt, 35, a television and movie engineer who worked on "The Last Broadcast," a 1998 movie filmed in Bucks County that has been compared to "The Blair Witch Project."

The article had a comment posted from the subject of the story, Martha Jane Shelton. The comment said:

You are an ass. If you are going to say something about me at least tell the entire story. You are as bad as Tom Brunt and Dominick Dunne. They are both closetted fags who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground.

The Stupid Criminal File editor replied to the comment. Here is the editor's response:

I’m sorry you were offended. I quoted the source for the news on the post. The entire article was not about you, just the last two paragraphs. If you’d like me to post your side of the story, e-mail it to me and I will post it.

Otherwise, your comment on the blog proves the point exactly.

The subject of the post has responded via e-mail, and as promised, the editor of Stupid Criminal File has now posted the reponse below.

My side of the story is this. Nick Dunne knew that I had issues (mental health) from the beginning. He took advantage of that fact and made promises in return for my lying for him. Then when the chips were down, he totally blew me out of the water. I have misquoted, and had the media tell outright lies about me at his urging. Dunne knows he did what he did with regard to Gary Condit. He even settled out of court with him. I know the real Dominick Dunne. We were good friends for a long time. I got tired of his lies and promises.

As for Tom Brunt. That entire situation got blown out of proportion because of Nick Dunne. I would have never spent a day in jail, had it not been for him. Once Tom found out about the situation between Dunne and I, all of the sudden I am an internet stalker. Granted I should have not said some of the things I said to him, or signed him up for the gay porn site as a joke. But stalk I never did. How can you stalk someone you have never laid eyes on, or had any contact with for over 2 and half years. Even the Judge agreed that there was no stalking involved, but the media never printed anything positive the judge said about me.

I should have never talked to the media about Nick Dunne, I should have been a better friend than that. I do believe that whole heartedly. But he was never a friend to me, or he wouldn't have asked me to do the things he did. He never suspected that I saved every email he ever sent me. Which was my proof. All of the sudden I am a master forger of emails. I never forged anything in my life.


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