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Stupid Case File for March 16, 2005

Stupid Criminals 101

No, I'm sorry to dissapoint you. This is not a class on how to become a career stupid criminal. After all, if you took such a class, maybe you wouldn't fall into that category of criminal. This is a simple note for a high school class with a great teacher. Allow me to explain.

There is a class at a high school somewhere in the midwest. The class is called
American Public Policy, and it is geared for the 11th grade. They've recently completed a unit on state and federal laws, and are moving into a unit involving the courts. For this unit, the teacher is going to share some articles posted right here on the Stupid Criminal File. The teacher will ask the kids to determine which court would hear the case, and how the student would prosecute, what type of sentence seems fitting...etc.

So class, have fun with the assignment. But take it seriously, too. The articles posted here are real stories involving real people. These real people will have to visit a real court room, face a real judge and jury, and face a real sentence. While we may laugh at the actions of a stupid criminal, we must remember that he or she is a person and needs to be treated as an individual.

Good Luck!


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