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Stupid Case File for March 4, 2005

Woman Needs Lift, Allegedly Takes Cruiser

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CARNEGIE, Pa. - A woman who apparently needed a ride home from a bar drove off in a police cruiser that was parked outside a police station, an officer said.

Theresa E. Zygula, 49, was charged Wednesday with theft and driving under the influence for stealing a police car that morning, said police Chief Jeff Harbin.
Zygula left a bar after it had closed and walked across the street to the Pittsburgh suburb's police department, Harbin said. She knocked on the offices' door, but when she didn't get a response, Zygula drove away in the police car, he said.
An officer using the restroom left his cruiser unattended with the engine running, Harbin said.
"She told officers later that she only had 80 cents on her and she had no way to get home," Harbin said.
Police found the car parked on a street later that morning. Footprints in the snow led officers from the car to a house in which Zygula was staying, Harbin said.
Zygula did not have a phone number listed under her name and could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday night. It was not clear if she had an attorney.


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