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Stupid Case File for February 18, 2005

Don't Write Your Confession on the Stolen Goods

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PLATTE CITY, Mo. - A holdup man known as the Bicycle Bandit was sentenced Thursday to life in prison plus 102 years after being convicted on evidence that included a $1 bill on which he had scrawled a description of one of his robberies.

Miguel Vaca, 45, was found guilty in December of pulling three armed robberies in Kansas City in 2002 — at a nail salon, at another business and at an apartment where a 13-year-old girl's birthday party was taking place.
On a stolen $1 bill found by detectives at his home, prosecutors said Vaca bragged about robbing the nail salon and noted that one of the women inside was attractive.
"I came in the door and told them to give me some money," the note read. "It was my first robbery and it felt great."
Police also linked Vaca to the crimes through ballistic evidence.
He was dubbed the Bicycle Bandit because witnesses described seeing a masked man flee the first two robberies on a mountain bike.


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