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Stupid Case File for February 7, 2005

Packin' Heat

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LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.— A police spokeswoman called it "unusual" that a 19-year-old almost smuggled a loaded pistol tucked between his buttocks into a county jail last week.

Clifton Alexander Carter was transported to the Gwinnett County Jail last Tuesday after a school resource officer at Central Gwinnett High School recognized him as a suspect wanted in Barrow County.

Upon searching him, officers found a loaded .25-caliber handgun hidden in the man's buttocks. There was a bullet in the chamber, sheriff's spokeswoman Stacey Kelley said.

"I don't now how he was able to conceal the weapon in that area. It is very unusual," she said.

The resource officer called Lawrenceville police and Carter was arrested near the campus. He is not a student at the school.

Deputies felt something was amiss during their routine search and performed a strip search, Kelley said.

"We are proud that our deputy was diligent in his job and was able to locate the weapon," she said.

Carter was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a weapon on a school campus and possession of a weapon by a jail inmate, among other charges. He is being held without bond.


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