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Stupid Case File for February 5, 2005

Man Hides From Cops, Then Calls for Help

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MONROE, La. - Jerry Wayne Till managed to get away from sheriff's deputies and elude them briefly - until he called them for help after he got lost in the woods.
A sheriff's deputy tried to pull over Till on Wednesday evening for speeding, but Till drove away, exceeding 100 mph at times, before eventually abandoning his vehicle and running into the woods, according to the arrest affidavit.
Deputies brought in search dogs, but couldn't locate Till until he called the sheriff's office from his cell phone asking for help because he was lost.
Deputies still couldn't find him, until a nearby resident heard Till crying for help and called the authorities.
Maj. Jay Russell said deputies believe Till was heading to his home, but got misdirected in the woods. Deputies took him into custody about a quarter mile from the house of the deputy who tried to pull him over.
Till, who was charged with aggravated flight and driving with an expired license, told deputies that he didn't pull over because he wasn't thinking straight


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