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Stupid Case File for January 30, 2005

One Large Pepperoni With an Arrest Warrant on Top

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BUTTE, Mont. (AP) — Two men who tried to pay for a pizza delivery with a forged check were arrested following a sting operation involving an officer disguised as a Papa John's employee. Police later ate the "evidence."
The Jan. 17 incident began with a pizza order that Papa John's employees recognized as going to an address where customers had paid with forged checks.
Manager Brian Holm called police, and officers came up with a plan to catch the crooks.
Officer Rhonda Peterson volunteered to wear a Papa John's uniform and ride with an employee on the delivery. Peterson brought her gun and radio and three officers provided backup while she approached the apartment, said Sgt. Jerry Williams.
The pizza delivery was 20 minutes late because of the police work and the customers even called asking what was taking so long.
Charles Pederson, 39, answered the door and was arrested after passing the forged check to police.
Officers also arrested Jesse Risher, 28, after he allegedly tried to hide in the apartment. Officers searched him, finding methamphetamine and a pipe in his coat pocket, court records indicate.


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