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Stupid Case File for February 10, 2005

Husband, Wife Drive Drunk Together

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Husband and Wife Arrested Together for DWI
OWEGO, N.Y. - The couple that drank together could wind up in jail together. Authorities charged both a husband and wife with driving while intoxicated after their car smashed into a parked vehicle at a bowling alley.

Police said witnesses saw a car driven by Michael Wilbur crash into a vehicle in the parking lot of the bowling alley in Owego, 20 miles west of Binghamton. The suspect then sped away.
After the crash, police say Wilbur's wife, Brenda, got behind he wheel.
The Wilburs were stopped by a sheriff's deputy several miles away after a description of their car was broadcast over the police radio.
Police concluded the husband and wife were intoxicated, so each was charged with DWI.
They were given separate appearance dates, two weeks apart, in a town court.


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