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Stupid Case File for February 10, 2005

Not So Stupid Criminal?

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KALISPELL, Mont. - Deputies were taken aback during a chase involving a suspected burglar. He signaled his upcoming turns, Flathead County Sheriff's Sgt. Ernie Freebury said Tuesday.

Deputies were going to a residence Monday night to arrest a man on a probation violation and investigate some burglaries, Freebury said. A vehicle raced out of the driveway, nearly knocking down the deputies, and then struck a patrol car parked nearby to intercept him, he said.
Freebury said the chase never exceeded 70 mph, and the driver even signaled his turns.
Oliver Pearson, 28, was arrested and charged with probation violation, assaulting a police officer, eluding and having no insurance or driver's license.


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