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Stupid Case File for October 29, 2005

Man Posing As Cop Shows Woman His Tattoos

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

According to Independence County deputies, Steven Terrell's first mistake was telling Christine Gray that he was an undercover officer for the sheriff's department. Then he showed her his driver's license. Then he asked her for a date. Then he was arrested.

Deputies arrested Terrell on Wednesday night after Gray called dispatchers to ask whether police agencies had a Steven Terrell working for them. Gray said Terrell wore a jacket with a sheriff's badge on it and repeatedly showed her his tattoos. He said he had left his badge at home, but showed the woman his license.

Genuine deputies traced Terrell to a Batesville home and found a jacket that matched the one Gray described. Terrell said he was trying to impress the woman.

"An undercover officer won't tell you that or wear anything to indicate his being a policeman. That would be pointless," sheriff's Capt. Bill Lindsey said. "Anyone who is approached by someone saying he or she is a police officer and not in uniform should be able to show proper credentials, including a badge."

Authorities said Terrell was arrested for first-degree criminal impersonation.


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