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Stupid Case File for November 11, 2005

Convicted Rapist Tells Judge He's Rude

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Convicted rapist Stephen Terry Bolden told a Russell County judge he was being "real rude" during a sentencing hearing, which prompted the judge to add extra days to Bolden's already lengthy sentence.

Circuit Judge George Greene ordered Bolden, 41, to serve an additional five days in prison, a penalty added to the 99 years plus two consecutive life sentences Greene already ordered Bolden to serve.

In September, a jury found Bolden guilty on multiple counts, including first-degree rape.

While reading aloud Bolden's sentences Wednesday, Greene said Bolden was a "menace to society." Bolden laughed and shook his head before shouting "you're real rude" to the judge, the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer reported Thursday.

"You treated your victims like garbage and put them through trial," Greene said to Bolden as officers escorted him from the courtroom. "You're lucky you didn't get the death penalty today."

Bolden also faces charges stemming from 34 warrants, including eight for rape, in Columbus, Ga.


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