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Stupid Case File for December 9, 2005

Burglar With Footprints

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A man accused of burglarizing an auto-repair shop and stealing cash and a digital camera apparently didn't plan on a fresh snowfall.

Lansdale police said footprints in the new snow Tuesday led to the arrest of David J. Schild Jr. in connection with a burglary at Trails Automotive, where a window was broken and the building was ransacked.

"The footprints went right from the scene of the burglary to the front door where he lived, about a block away," Sgt. Dean Miller said. He said a pair of sneakers was found in the basement with a pattern that matched the footprints.

Miller said Schild admitted breaking into the garage. He was charged with burglary, attempted burglary, criminal trespass and possession of an instrument of crime, arraigned before Lansdale District Judge Harold Borek, and held in the Montgomery County Prison on $50,000 bail, with a preliminary hearing scheduled Dec. 16.


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