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Stupid Case File for January 24, 2006

Hit & Run Case: Victim is Ballot Box

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

An angry man with a grudge against the government ran into a voting station in Canada on Monday, grabbed a ballot box and then drove over it with a truck before fleeing, officials said.

Police arrested the 56-year-old a few minutes later but would not confirm whether he was the same man who grabbed a ballot box and threw it in the river on election day in 2000.

The incident occurred as people were lining up in the Nova Scotia town of New Glasgow to vote in Monday's national election.

"The man ran in, grabbed the ballot box, then threw it under the wheels of his truck and took off ... the box was flat as a pancake," said Dana Doiron, a spokesman for Elections Canada in Atlantic Canada.

Despite the damage, local election officials managed to reconstruct the box and no ballots were lost, he said.

New Glasgow police chief Lorne Smith said the man would be charged with theft and damage to property.

"This is the result of an ongoing protest with the federal government over several issues," he told Reuters, declining to give further details.


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