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Stupid Case File for February 12, 2006

Robbery suspect dyes his face blue

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If his face hadn't been dyed blue with bingo paint, perhaps 19-year-old Anchorage man Daniel Clark would have been red with embarrassment.

Clark was arrested for attempting to rob a Super 8 motel on the morning of Jan. 7, according to police.

Sergeant Chris Sims said that he responded to a call from a clerk at the motel, who said he was threatened with a knife by a man he described as 5'5", thin, wearing a red jacket — and with a blue face.

According to a police report, officers located a suspect with the description at the nearby Chelsea Inn. Although he had changed his clothing, Sims said that Clark was sweaty, and that his face, neck, and hands were still tainted blue.

Sims said that when police first confronted him, Clark claimed that another man was running around and spreading blue paint on people.

But when police entered Clark's room, they discovered a prostitute, a red jacket, and an ice bucket filled with water and blue "bingo blotter." According to Sims, in the prostitute's statement, she explained that she lent Clark her red jacket and watched him spread blue dye on his face before he left the hotel room. Upon his return, she said, Clark was sweaty and winded.

Sims said that he was tempted to exclaim, "Bingo! We got him!"


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