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Stupid Case File for May 28, 2006

Another Prisoner Steals Squad Car

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A woman waiting to be booked into the county jail drove off in the arresting officer's police cruiser, still wearing handcuffs, then bailed out and made a run for freedom, police said.

Shalimar Hyneshia Addison, 34, now faces charges of escape and resisting and officer, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News.

When Fort Walton Beach police officer Brian Houghs stepped out of his patrol car to find a booking officer, Addison slipped into the driver's seat and, despite her handcuffs, drove the car out of the jail booking area.

Police said she drove a short distance, then abandoned the cruiser and ran on foot. She was recaptured after a short foot chase.

Editor's Note: How many of these stupid stories are we going to have to publish? Why is it so difficult for so-called professionals to take the preventative mesaures necessary to stop a person in custody from driving off in his/her squad? We've published over a dozen stories of persons in custody driving off with a squad, even with handcuffs on. The editors of SCF have never, ever lost a person in custody. And never will.


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