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Stupid Case File for July 2, 2006

The Wild One

Thanks to SCF readers Sue & David for another great story from The Bedfordshire!

This is the moment a cocky motorcyclist was snapped by a speed camera at more than twice the speed limit giving it the finger.

Weeks later Stephen Downing was caught by the same speed camera at 90 mph in a 30 mph zone only 100 metres from a school.

Despite being disqualified from driving for six months in February this year, the 34-yearold has racked up 75 speeding offences in only three months.

These include driving without due care and attention and dangerous driving.

‘I was just taking the mickey out of the cameras,’ brags banned biker who racked up 75 speeding offences in three monthsDowning thought he would not get caught as he does not have a number plate on the front of his bike and continued to drive at high speeds through the centre of Ampthill. On one occasion he even covered his visor with one hand as he passed a speed camera while travelling at 71 mph.

But when police realised a rogue motorcyclist was regularly cropping up on Flitwick Road, Ampthill, and Park Road, Westoning, they launched an investigation. After studying the times Downing travelled through Ampthill they placed officers on Flitwick Road who caught him in the act.

Now Downing, from Neotsbury Road, Ampthill, is facing jail for dangerous crimes, He told Bedfordshire on Sunday: “I was just taking the mickey out of the cameras. I didn’t think I would get caught.” During the hearing at Bedford Magistrates’ Court on Friday morning it was also revealed on all the 25 occasions Downing was caught speeding he was not wearing any protective clothing.

Wearing a French Connection t-shirt and black tracksuit bottoms, Downing pleaded guilty to all 75 driving offences.

Ralph Agius, chairman of the bench told him: “You showed total disregard for the people on our roads. You even drove at 90 mph near a school and at 71 mph gesticulating at a camera.

“I have no alternative but to send you to crown court for sentencing.” When we asked Downing whether he thought his actions were irresponsible when he drove at 90 miles an hour only 100 metres away from Redbourne Upper School, in Ampthill, he said: “The school shuts at 3:15pm. All the children go home. I was in a rush to get somewhere that day.

I didn’t even look at the camera. I just put my head down and sped off.” Downing was released on bail with the conditions he does not sit in the front seat of a motor vehicle and does not ride a motorcycle. He will sentenced at Luton Crown Court next month.

According to research carried out by the Department of Transport, if a motor vehicle or cycle hits a pedestrian at 30pmh there is a 80 per cent change of survival. If a pedestrian is hit at 40 mph there is a 90 per cent chance they will die.


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