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Stupid Case File for August 4, 2006

Vandalizing? Don't Forget the sheriff's cruiser.

Thanks to SCF reader Danny for the following story. Danny wrote in his e-mail "2 of my close friends recently were arrested for spray painting more than a dozen houses and spray painted "pig fucker 420" on a car. And then were caught speeding lol."

Courtesy of Central Florida News 13

Two people are facing charges today after an overnight vandalism spree in Seminole County.

Investigators say the pair targeted over a dozen locations in the Longwood area, spray painting homes, signs and even a Sheriff's cruiser.

Twenty-year-old Daniel Sundstrom and a 17-year-old accomplice were taken into custody after police pulled over a car seen leaving one of the vandalized locations.

This may not be an isolated incident.

Officer Herb Stewartson said, "There are a couple incidents of criminal mischief that happened a couple of weeks ago, somebody painted 2's on subdivision walls and it seems to be related to that. There's a group of juveniles that are out there looking for attention."

Police say one of the two arrested had spray paint on his hands when he was taken into custody.


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