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Stupid Case File for April 29, 2007

SCF Tip: Don't call 911 for drugs ...

Special thanks to reader jp523 for the tip!
Courtesy of WFMY News

Pomona, CA - Calling 911 isn't the best move if what's needed in a hurry is dope. You know how some people will add 911 to an urgent page or cell phone text message? Police in Pomona, California, say two suspects trying to page a drug dealer from a pay phone mistakenly called the real 911.

Sergeant Michael Olivieri says dispatchers traced the call and sent officers to the location. Police say they arrested Paul White and Ryan Ogle after searching a car with stolen plates and finding suspected burglary tools. Sergeant Olivieri says the men admitted to mistakenly calling 911 in their hurry for drugs. Olivieri adds," No one said criminals are smart."



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