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Stupid Case File for April 19, 2007

Make sure you know how to spell Police ...

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Swedish police nabbed a phony policeman April 6 thanks to a perp who dotted his "i" as well as his "o."

Cops in Jönköping, Sweden, received reports of a fake blue and white Volvo 245 police car with a flashing blue light and "Pölis" written on the side, the Local reports. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for the owner of the vehicle, the Swedish word for police is "polis," spelled without the umlaut.

The police were able to track down the vehicle and its owner a short time later. Thanks to that bit of bad punctuation, he was able to hold on to his vehicle.

"It was spelled wrong, so he got to keep it," said Jönköping police spokesman Lars Johansson, noting "we took off his blue lights and confiscated them."

Cops said they could have arrested him for impersonating a public official, but they decided against it.

"It could have been perceived as a police car, and that's definitely not good," Johansson said. "But on the other hand he hasn't done anything really stupid. He hasn't been out stopping any cars — that would have been a lot more serious."


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