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Stupid Case File for April 7, 2007

Mom + Son = Arrest Times Two

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A fast-food worker had her son punch her in the face in an attempt to stage a robbery outside a KFC restaurant, police said. Tina Marie Brown, 41, and Brandon Lee Deere, 24, both of Fayetteville were arrested Thursday for theft and filing a false police report.

Police received a robbery report outside a KFC in Fayetteville at about midnight Thursday. Brown told police that a robber punched her in the face while she was changing her car's tire and stole her purse — along with the restaurant's bank deposit bag, which contained $1,137 in cash and checks, authorities said.

According to police, Brown's son drove up as authorities were investigating the robbery. Police said Deere seemed nervous, and when authorities searched his car they found the money and Brown's purse.

Brown later admitted to having her son punch her in the face, police said.


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