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Stupid Case File for May 19, 2007

SCF TIP: Going to Court? Hide the Pot First!

Courtesy of Seattle Times

CHEHALIS — A 35-year-old Onalaska man picked the wrong place and the wrong time to hide a container with marijuana in it.

Lewis County sheriff's detectives in Chehalis say they arrested Eugenio Anthony Colon today at 11:25 a.m. after he was seen by detectives hiding the container under a bush in front of their office window.

Colon was charged with possession of marijuana under 40 grams.

He was arriving at the Lewis County Courthouse for a court matter. Much to his surprise, he was confronted by detectives in the courtroom while he was waiting his court appearance.

Colon admitted to hiding the marijuana and told detectives he had no idea he could be seen by them.

In an aside, Sheriff Steve Mansfield says he appreciates people who choose to break the law in front of his deputies.



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