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Stupid Case File for November 27, 2007

Burglar fell asleep on victim's sofa

Courtesy of This is Lancashire

A BURGLAR who broke into a neighbour's home was found fast asleep on her settee, Burnley magistrates were told.

Michael Arthur Bolton, 35, had taken a tranquilliser before raiding the home of Michelle Robinson, in Griffin Close, Burnley, which had made him sleepy, the court heard.

And at the time Bolton was on licence after being released early from a two prison sentence for burglary.

Prosecutor Silvia Dacre said Miss Robinson, her child, and a friend and her child, had gone to bed on the night on November 11, locking all doors and windows as usual.

But when she awoke the next morning, just before 6am, she heard a series of noises coming from her front room.

Mrs Dacre said that rather than confronting any potential intruder, she went into the kitchen and rang for the police.

Meanwhile one of Miss Robinson's neighbours, after looking through a nearby window, walked into the living room and found Bolton asleep on the couch.

Bolton was wearing a jacket belonging to Miss Robinson and in his tracksuit bottoms there was jewellery and sweets he had taken from the property.

Outside the house a bag was also found containing other items stolen from the house.

Mrs Dacre said it appeared he had broken into the property by forcing a kitchen window and had simply fell asleep before he could walk off with the stolen items.

It appeared he had taken some form of tranquilliser and could recall little of what had happened in the short time leading up to his arrest, the court heard.

When he was interviewed by police, he initially claimed he had bought the sweets found in his pocket but then accepted, as he had been found in Miss Robinson's home, there was little he could say about the burglary charge.

Magistrates heard that Bolton had been sentenced to two years imprisonment for burglary in October 2006 and was still on licence for that offence.

Bolton, also of Griffin Close, Burnley, who pleaded guilty to stealing goods worth around £150, was committed in custody by the court to await sentencing on December 14 at Burnley Crown Court.


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