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Stupid Case File for August 28, 2005

Cop Applicant Gets Jailed

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A Malaysian man who wanted to become a police officer just like his father ended up behind bars instead after he submitted forged paperwork in his application to the force, a report said.

Azamazewan Zakaria, 26, gave police recruiters a fake certificate that indicated he had got a school credit in the Malay language, the Star newspaper said.

The would-be cop got a two-month sentence and a 2,000 ringgit (530 dollar) fine, but his father -- a police officer himself -- paid the fine and hauled his son out of jail after one day.

In appealing for a lighter sentence, his counsel Kuldeep Kumar said Azamazewan committed the offence because he was immature and did not think of the consequences.

"He made the wrong move in chasing his dream," the lawyer said.


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