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Stupid Case File for September 4, 2005

Set Cop Car on Fire = Go To Jail

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A man allegedly walked up to a marked patrol car parked behind Baltimore police headquarters Friday morning, doused the car with gasoline and set it on fire. The patrol car was substantially damaged by the flames, police spokesman Troy Harris said. The monetary lost was still being determined, he said.

The man received minor burns and was being treated Friday at Bayview Hospital. He was arrested at the scene and charges are pending, Harris said.

Police do not know why the man did it. They do not know much about the man. Harris said they will interview him after his release from the hospital.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. The damaged vehicle was parked behind several other cars in a small parking behind police headquarters at Baltimore and Gay streets, Harris said.


Blogger Laura said...

How stupid can you be?!?! Thats crazy!

October 18, 2005 2:23 PM  

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