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Stupid Case File for August 14, 2006

This Time, It's The WI Dept. Of Transportation That is Guilty of Being Stupid

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A detour that bypasses road work near this popular vacation spot sends motorists more than 50 miles out of their way, even though there's a five-minute alternative nearby.

The construction work is being done about 10 miles west of Green Lake, on a 10-block stretch of state Highway 23 in Princeton.

Locals avoid the construction by taking legal shortcuts through Princeton's downtown, about a five-minute trip.

But those who follow official signs travel a circuitous route spanning about 50 miles along state Highways 73, 21 and 49.

The official detour is long, but it's the best way to divert non-local traffic around the construction zone, said Kevin Garrigan, Department of Transportation manager for the project.

A detour using county highways would be shorter, he said, but many of those highways weren't built under state standards for lane widths and shoulder widths.

Also, not all county highways can safely handle higher traffic levels, he added.


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