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Stupid Case File for October 7, 2006

Like to Buy Confiscated Vehicles? Be Sure To Check Everything!

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A retired police chief who bought a confiscated station wagon at a government auction discovered that its previous owner had left behind an expensive gift.

While sprucing up his new set of wheels, the former chief found more than four kilos of ecstasy (15,000 tablets) and 250 grams of a suspicious powder stashed beneath the car's flooring.

"A piece was broken, and I wanted to take it apart in order to replace it," the former officer, who did not want to be identified, told AFP.

Customs officials seized the car in the Netherlands in May, and a search of the vehicle at the time had already yielded 17 kilos of assorted narcotics.

"Great care was taken to thoroughly search the car," said Luc Perigne, a customs official in the Lorraine region in northwest France.

"But there was evidently a problem," he said. "If this retiree discovered the merchandise, we, the customs service, should have found it."

The discovery was greeted with only moderate surprise by the former officer. "I was aware of where the car had come from," he said.

Editor's Comment: Just what we need. Cops confiscate car. Cops sell car. Buyer finds drugs. Buyer sells them on the street. Sometimes, it's the cops that are stupid. Unbelieveable!


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