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Stupid Case File for October 7, 2006

This Isn't Ecstasy! Call the Cops!

Special Thanks to SCF reader Seth for the story!

Courtesy of NBC Channel 6 KPVI

Local police are investigating an unusual armed robbery case - the kind of case where the victim could also end up facing charges.

On Saturday night, Dale Warren called the Bonneville County Sheriff's office to report he tried to buy some pills of ecstasy. Police say when three men arrived at his Ammon home with the goods, they pulled a gun and demanded money. When Warren refused, they fled. Deputies later caught the suspects and learned that the pills being sold were not ecstasy, but breath mints. Nineteen-year-old Zachary Wall, 18-year-old Jordan Clayton, and a juvenile were all arrested. Officers say this isn't the type of case they see on a regular basis.

Doug Metcalf, Bonneville County Sheriff's Office: "Basically a drug robbery or a drug deal gone bad - they usually don't call you and say, 'Hey, you know, I was trying to do something illegal and they robbed me.' So this is a unique situation."

Dale Warren, the victim, has not been charged, but the prosecutor may decide to charge him after the case is reviewed. Even though the pills were not ecstasy, it is still illegal to try to sell a substance as an illegal drug.


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