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Stupid Case File for September 18, 2006

In Brief, Bandits Caught With Their Pants Down

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When attempting to rob a market cleverly disguised as a man wearing tighty-whiteys on his head, it's best not to go commando until you're completely sure the coast is clear.

Seems these guys didn't get that memo.

Cops say Donnie Caraway and Ronald "Toucan" Watkins were caught on camera robbing the Big Apple Market in Spring City, Tenn., of a 200 lb. safe and a few cartons of cigarettes wearing skivvies where the sun should shine, WTVC reports.

"He wore his son's underwear on his head, and a pair of his socks," Police Chief Jason Yuhas said, no doubt struggling to keep a straight face.

Still photos from surveillance cameras show the Caraway and company — now known around town as 'The Underwear Bandits" — sporting boys briefs on their heads and knee socks for gloves, making off with the heavy safe and the smokes.

Once the fearsome tighty-whitey-wearing duo made it outside with their loot, they found themselves in need of a getaway car. Cops say the men first tried to haul the safe away in a shopping cart, but when that proved too heavy, they snagged a lawn mower — sans-engine — and mowed their load on down the road.

Much to the amusement of police, that precious moment was also caught on camera.

When the crooks thought the coast was clear, they ditched their drawers, inadvertently revealing their identities.

Cops say once the bumbling burglars were debriefed, so to speak, they had a pretty clear idea who they needed to question.


Blogger Bazza said...

I read about a would-be bank robber, here in London, who handed a note over to the teller which was written on the back of an envelope addressed to him. When he got back home (empty handed - the note said "hand over the money" and the teller said "no" so, not being able to think what to do next, he went home)....where the cops were waiting for him!
Congratulations on Best Blog of the Day (where I came from).

September 21, 2006 5:57 PM  
Blogger Malinda777 said...

Oh gee... how'd you like this to be YOUR Dad running around with your underwear on his head!

What morons. I bet the cops did have a hard time keeping a straight face.

September 28, 2006 4:02 PM  

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