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Stupid Case File for September 7, 2006

A Lesson On What Not To Do When Your Ex-Wife Testifies Against You

I must confess. I really love reading the blog "Decision of the Day". Everyone watches the crime & lawyer shows on TV. We're addicted to watching "trials" play out, and hear all of the testimony and objections, etc. etc. etc.

But I'm afraid not too many folks think about what happens after a verdict is rendered. What about all of the folks who appeal the decision? What happens then? I am intrigued at how our appellate system works. No juries. No crowded court room. Just a bunch of lawyers and judges haggling over the verdict. I'm often amazed at what our judges think what is or is not applicable on appeal, especially the famed Ninth Circuit.

In fact, I am paying close attention to the motion to appeal filed by the former Governor of Illinois, George Ryan. Today he was sentenced to 6 1/2 years of prison time for his corruption. He's asking that the court not send him to prison until the appeal process is completed. The judge delayed her decision on his request. His appeal relates to issues with two jurors who did not accurately represent their previous involvement with court proceedings. I can't wait to see how that appeal is decided.

Anyway, here's a great story we're linking to from "Decision of the Day". The headline says it all.

Decision of the Day: A Lesson On What Not To Do When Your Ex-Wife Testifies Against You


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