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Stupid Case File for September 18, 2006

Another One Stuck in the Chimney

Courtesy of News24

Johannesburg - Emergency services had to break down part of a chimney in Yeoville to free a suspected burglar.

A 21-year-old alleged burglar got stuck in the chimney of a house in Yeoville, Johannesburg.

He wanted to break into the house of his guardian Gavin Almazien, 38.

Almazien said he realised somebody was stuck in the chimney when a friend heard somebody shouting.

"I was in my room when my friend called me and said: 'Gavin, there is somebody in your chimney'".

"At first I said: 'Hell, no', and laughed, but when I went to check, I heard him shout. When I asked who it was, he just said: 'It's me'", said Almazien.

He stopped a police vehicle in the street and the fire brigade was called.

According to Malcolm Midgley, spokesperson for Johannesburg emergency services, they first tried to pull out the man from the top. After battling for an hour, they had to break down part of the chimney inside the house to get him out.

The man apparently had broken his hip and was taken to Johannesburg Hospital.

"The chimney is about 45cm wide and tapers down towards the bottom. It is also somewhat crooked, and that must be where he got stuck," said Midgley.

The young man has been living on and off with Almazien for several years, but was banned from the house a few weeks ago because "he got involved with the wrong people".


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