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Stupid Case File for September 18, 2006

MySpace Hitman

Courtesy of Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A jilted girlfriend tried to hire a hit man to kill her boyfriend's new love in Arizona after spotting her rival's picture on his MySpace social networking Web page, police said.

Heather Kane, 22, was arrested after giving a 400-dollar down payment and pages downloaded from MySpace to an undercover officer posing as a contract killer, according to Detective Jerry Gissel of the Mesa Police Department.

"Basically, we got a murder for hire," said police Detective Jerry Gissel. "A young lady was jealous that her boyfriend moved in with another girl."

"She did her own investigative work and found out the girl was one of the people on her boyfriend's MySpace.com friends list."

MySpace, a website considered the hip place to socialize online, has become a globally popular place on the Internet for people to bare details of their lives.

After identifying the target, Kane told an acquaintance she would pay to have the woman killed, according to police.

The man played along with Kane then told police. An undercover officer was introduced to Kane as a killer-for-hire on Tuesday, Gissel said.

Kane offered to pay 1,000 dollars for the job, giving the undercover officer 400 dollars and promising to pay the rest after the woman was dead, according to police.

"He said he would shoot the woman in the head if that was all right, and Kane said that was fine," Gissel said. "She showed no emotion."

Kane gave the faux assassin the woman's picture, home address, and workplace information downloaded from MySpace, according to investigators.

"It just shows you how dangerous MySpace is," Gissel said. "How people can pull up information about you."

Kane was booked on suspicion of conspiracy to attempt murder and jailed in lieu of 90,000 dollars bail, according to police.


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