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Stupid Case File for December 27, 2006

What? Beer and workin' on the car don't go together?

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BECKLEY, W.Va. — One Oldsmobile here obviously needed some work, especially on the fourth tire.

But that didn't stop a 30-year-old man from driving the older model car on three tires and a rim to the local auto parts store Wednesday night.

He didn't make it far.

Beckley Police Detective Sgts. Dean Bailey and Gant Montgomery said the car was speeding and "all over the road."

Police also noticed that the car's front fender was off and debris was falling from the car. As the officers caught up with the Oldsmobile, it swerved sideways.

The car finally stopped behind an auto parts store.

Police arrested the driver and charged him with driving under the influence after he failed field sobriety tests. Bailey said the man told him he was en route to buy parts for his car and thought he could make it.


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