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Stupid Case File for February 7, 2007

Want to impress the potential jurors?

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ROCKFORD — A 20-year-old man held in the Winnebago County Jail since Dec. 13, 2005, on a home invasion charge, will likely spend some more time there after he slugged his court-appointed public defender in the face Wednesday morning during jury selection proceedings.

According to police reports, John T. Gregory punched public defender Kristin Peschek cutting her face and turned over a courtroom table before bailiffs could restrain him. It was not clear what sparked the attack.

The chaotic episode occurred in Judge Rosemary Collins’ courtroom and in front of a pool of perspective jurors, reports said.

Instead of serving on the jury, the would-be jurors were told they witnessed a crime and are now eyewitnesses who may be called to testify against Gregory.

Gregory was returned to the jail where he is being held without bond.


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