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Stupid Case File for January 25, 2007

SCF Tip: Stealing a truck? Take the fence off!

Courtesy of Honolulu Advertiser

Police arrested a man in Mapunapuna after the suspect all but put up a sign announcing he had just stolen a flatbed truck.

Police arrested the 46-year-old 'Aiea man Monday morning on Pu'uloa Road after noticing that the truck he was driving was dragging a long chain-link fence.

The man drove the truck into a parking lot and was trying to remove a fence post wedged between the cab and the truckbed as police converged on the scene. The man ran away but was caught and arrested at 6:45 a.m.

Charges of second-degree trespassing, theft and criminal property damage, as well as auto theft, third-degree criminal property damage and unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle are pending.

Police on Jan. 14 had arrested him on suspicion of kidnapping, terroristic threatening and second- and third-degree assault for allegedly trying to force a 47-year-old woman into a car on Jan. 3. He had been released pending further investigation in that case.

According to Hawai'i Criminal Justice Data Center records, the man has 12 convictions.



Blogger Malinda777 said...

Boy is this typical. Why on earth we let blatent criminals "out pending investigation" floors me.

Repeat offenders just keep on offending. And...bullets are still just $.50 :)

January 26, 2007 4:57 PM  

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