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Stupid Case File for January 21, 2007

Revealed ... the shoe cam

Another shout-out to Sue & David for this one. The human race can be a creative bunch, eh?

Courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald

A man accused of using a video camera in his shoe to film up the skirts and dresses of women on public transport had been committing the crime for four years, police allege.

Police said today the man, in his early 20s, used an elaborate system to take potentially hundreds of images of women on Melbourne's public transport.

Melbourne East Senior Constable Sue Benskin said the man used a camera in his shoe connected to a cord that ran up his leg underneath his trousers to a black and grey Nike bumbag.

The bag was linked to a running video camera, which police believe was used to take pictures of victims so they could be matched with images taken by the shoe camera underneath their skirts and dresses.

The man's alleged scheme came undone yesterday when a woman on a tram heading north into the city noticed his hand-held video camera and complained to police she was being filmed.

"The actual victim herself was quite distraught at the time and it's a very serious offence and we're taking it very seriously," Sen Const Benskin said.

Police apprehended the suspect on a tram about 10.45am (AEDT) yesterday and he was released pending summons.

Police also executed a warrant at the man's St Kilda Road address where a large amount of photographic material, equipment and evidence was seized.

Sen Const Benskin said the man admitted to taking the footage over four years.

"This elaborate set-up is something he's thought of quite carefully, being a serious offence," she said.

Sen Const Benskin urged females who believed they may have been photographed or filmed by the man to come forward.

"We're at the initial stage of the investigation and have still got a lot of footage to go through in order to identify any victims that may come forward," she said.

"It would be of great importance for us, given the seriousness of the charge, to be able to identify more victims and also make the public aware that this has been going on."

Police said the man is expected to be charged with stalking - which attracts a maximum 10 year jail term - and public nuisance.

Revealed ... the shoe cam.


Blogger Malinda777 said...

Crazy nut! You know :)... we used to have stairs in my elementary & junior high schools. The boys would glom at the bottom of the stairs and look up our skirts as we reached the top. For YEARS, I always wore a pair of shorts under my skirts to foil their attempts :)

January 22, 2007 12:38 PM  

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