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Stupid Case File for January 13, 2007

Cake leads to arrest ...

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A trail of cake crumbs helped police find two suspects accused of trying to break into the town of Sylva's police department.

Zachary Hughes, 24, and Shawn Bubacz, 34, were arrested after police discovered Saturday the glass front door for the department was broken, Detective Aimee Sumner said Wednesday.

An American flag and an orange "Authorized Vehicles Only" sign were missing. Damage was estimated at $942.

Cake was smeared on the building and a trail of cake crumbs led officers to a cake box lid a few blocks away. Officers found out two men had taken a cake with them from a birthday party at a nearby restaurant.

Hughes and Bubacz were found at a house two blocks from the police department.

"Both the males had cake icing on them that matched the icing on the door here at the police department," Sumner said. "Both subjects had been drinking."

Hughes was charged with misdemeanor possession of stolen goods and property, misdemeanor larceny, injury to real property, misdemeanor conspiracy and misdemeanor attempted breaking and entering.

Bubacz was charged with misdemeanor conspiracy and attempted breaking and entering.


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