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Stupid Case File for January 13, 2007

You tried to steal a what?!??!?!

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A man who walked into a pub and stole a urinal from the men's toilet has given himself up, British police have said.

The unnamed 42-year-old handed in both himself and the urinal at Salisbury police station in Wiltshire, southwest England, and was given a caution.

The man, who is from Salisbury, walked into the Royal Oak in Southampton, on England's south coast, ordered half a pint of lager and then went to the lavatory, where he spent 40 minutes expertly removing the urinal from the wall.

He stuffed the white toilet bowl into his rucksack and walked out but was caught on the pub's closed circuit television (CCTV) system, footage from which landlords Alan and Suzie Dreja handed to police.

According to police on Tuesday, he said he took the urinal as a "souvenir".

The urinal will now be handed back to the pub.


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