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Stupid Case File for January 20, 2007

Footballer arrested over 'toilet seat theft'

Big thanks to our friends across the big pond, Sue & David, for the story!
Courtesy of The Telegraph

An England footballer was arrested on suspicion of stealing a toilet seat and a set of tap fittings from a DIY store.

Glen Johnson: Footballer arrested over 'toilet seat theft'
Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson, 22, who earns £30,000 a week playing for Premiership team Portsmouth, was caught on CCTV allegedly trying to smuggle the objects out of B&Q.

Johnson, and fellow footballer Ben May, 22, were seen apparently putting the toilet seat in a box marked with a cheaper price, and hiding the taps under other objects before going to the checkout.

Police were called and the two men were each given on-the-spot £80 fines.

May, who plays for Millwall, and Johnson, who has played five times for England, and who is on loan from Premiership champions Chelsea, were stopped on their way out of B&Q in Dartford, Kent.

A worker at the store told reporters: “We all recognised Johnson. No one could quite believe a bloke like him, with all that money, would be moronic enough to nick a toilet seat.

“They were spotted by one of our security guards, a chap of 74, and cops arrived as they were trying to leave.

“They seemed to find the whole thing funny and couldn’t stop smirking even after they had been arrested.”

A spokesman for the chain confirmed today that two men had been caught shoplifting on Wednesday, but said she could not discuss details.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police arrested two 22-year-old men on Wednesday on suspicion of theft in Dartford.

“Both men have been issued with £80 fixed penalty notices.”

Both Portsmouth FC and Millwall FC refused to comment.


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