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Stupid Case File for January 15, 2007

Ever Wonder ...

Have you ever had to deal with the court system? Ever wonder why, sometimes, cops are frustrated because they have to deal with the court system?

Check out this post from Decision of the Day. Here's a good reason why: The defendant appealed, arguing that the district court erred by denying his motion to suppress guns found in his motel room. Read the case file. It gets better... "Defendant was very nervous and that his hands were shaking. Defendant’s nervous demeanor contrasted sharply with his calm demeanor during
a 20-minute traffic stop by these same officers about a week earlier" and "admitted she used methamphetamine". A felon with a gun. Sometimes, enforcing the law using common sense doesn't hold up in court. There are days we wish that the "Criminal Court" could be replaced by the "Court of Common Sense"!

Decision of the Day: Divided Ninth Rejects Fourth Amendment Claims and Affirms Conviction


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