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Stupid Case File for May 1, 2007

T-Shirt leads to arrest ...

Courtesy of

It took one glance for Sandra Rowells to recognize the man she said broke into her home, offered her $500 to hide him and fled wearing some of her clothing. Rowells, 70, said police asked her if Jahmell Kareem, 33, of Winston-Salem was the right suspect.

"Yeah, 'cause that's my shirt he's got on," Rowells said she told police. "It made me mad because my daughter had just sent me that T-shirt from Florida."

Police said Kareem crashed a car near Rowells' home Tuesday after leading police on a high-speed chase along Interstate 85 that reached speeds of 130 mph. Rowells said she woke up from a nap when Kareem forced open her locked kitchen screen door.

"I'm like, you can have this house, buddy, I'm out of here," Rowells said.

Kareem faces several charges including felony hit and run, breaking and entering, and fleeing in a vehicle to elude arrest, said Highway Patrol Trooper A.R. Locklear.


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