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Stupid Case File for June 3, 2007

Can you avoid a DUI by riding ... ?

Courtesy of UPI

CULPEPER, Va.- Police in Virginia arrested a man and woman for attempting to ride horses while intoxicated.

The couple -- Eric Scott Kyff, 39, and Laura J. Allen, 26 -- were reportedly arguing near the police depot Thursday, when Culpeper, Va., police officers Lonnie Myers and Tim Chilton charged them with public intoxication, the Media General News Service said.

Kyff and Allen reportedly wanted to "travel home several miles by horseback to avoid drinking and driving," police told the Media General News Service reported.

Kyff even "took off along the railroad tracks" but didn't get far before Chilton stopped him, said a police spokesman.

The two where taken to the Culpeper County Jail where they were held until the morning. Their horses were also held and returned upon their release.


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